Past productions


4 new performances for under 7’s 2016

Following the success of the Magnet Early Years Theatre Festival, in December 2015, Magnet in partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa and Theater Helioe, presents four new and enchanting shows for children up to the age of seven. Performed by four casts of performers trained specifically to engage and communicate with young audiences, each production […]

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The daily line up presents two enchanting shows for children up to the age of seven as well as one for Moms and babies up to one year – a South African first. Performed by The Magnet Early Years Theatre Company, each production has been designed to captivate, fascinate, engage and communicate with young audiences, […]



In Collaboration with CAPE TOWN OPERA The young cast which includes Magnet Theatre and UCT drama graduates, and some of the young Cape Town Opera Members, have come together under the direction of Mark Fleishman to create a musical version of the Zakes Mda novel HEART OF REDNESS. Shortlisted for the prestigious Commonwealth Writers Prize, […]


IN THE CITY OF PARADISE (Magnet Theatre Trainee Production)

IN THE CITY OF PARADISE is a modern reworking of the ancient story of the House of Atreus in which the descendants of Atreus and Thyestes are locked in an ongoing internecine blood feud. It was originally created in 1998, during the time of the TRC, in workshop with students at UCT under the direction […]


Uvuno: The Harvest

Magnet Theatre presents 3 brand new works and an exhibition of a professional stage design project. This program has been developed with the 4 Expanded Public Works Program interns who have been with Magnet Theatre since August 2014. They are all 2013 graduates of the Magnet Theatre Full time Training and Job Creation Program. This […]

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NOMVULA – The Girl of the Rain

“NOMVULA” The Girl of the Rain, speaks to an audience of very young children, entertaining them whilst focusing on age appropriate educational themes: the relationship between humans and nature.  “NOMVULA” The Girl of the Rain is specifically aimed at 4 – 9 year old children. It tells the story of a young girl who loves […]


Voices Made Night

An adaptation for the stage of selected short stories by the acclaimed Mozambican author Mia Couto. Couto’s writing is rooted in the strange and often bizarre realities of life in contemporary African societies in transition. His stories confront head on the difficulties facing postcolonial societies in the process of transformation, offering unique insight into the psychic damage, which has been the legacy of both colonial history and the wars of decolonisation.



Created by Magnet Theatre Directed by Mark Fleishman with Jennie Reznek, Faniswa Yisa, Dann-Jaques Mouton and Mandisi Sindo Design: Illka Louw Video Images: Sanjin Muftic Technical Advisor: Craig Leo Stage Manager/ Production Manager: Sherna Botto (2010); Ryno Keet (2012) Assistant Director: Frances Marek Lighting Design: Mark Fleishman A detective thriller that excavates the current African […]



Greg January wants out, but he knows he has a debt to pay. It is a simple job, a 1-2-3, a break-in or so Jimmy Gladdevingers thinks. A gun, a poodle, a drunken old lady, a white BMW, a girl called Merryl – is jy bang? Originally created by Frances Marek, Dann-Jaques Mouton and Ephraim […]


Running with Goldfish and Gift Wrapping the Sea

Running with Goldfish and Gift Wrapping the Sea is the first production of the new cohort of trainees on the Magnet Theatre Fulltime Training Programme. The production has been created with director Brink Scholtz, with input from Magnet Theatre’s Jennie Reznek, the training programme’s regular teachers, and Ananda Fuchs.


The Children and the Bees

The Children and the Bees re-imagines the fairytale of The Pied Piper of Hamelin to explore themes of children in crisis situations and their stories of survival. The play draws on the testimonies of child survivors from across the world: from the Holocaust in Europe to the Rwandan genocide; from Nigeria to Burundi, South Africa and Australia. It weaves together magic fairytales and grim reality to create a story that should be thought-provoking for adults and children alike.


Inxeba Lomphilisi – Wound of a Healer

A healer wanders along the N2. Between sunset and sunrise she listens to the stories of the dead and those that have disappeared along the road trying to help them find peace. She has a helper, Khehle, who also has a wound that he needs to heal.


Die Vreemdeling

‘n Verlate dorp in die middel van nerens
‘n Gemeenskap wat hulleself met ‘n heining beskerm
‘n Vreemdeling verskyn in die verte; honger, dors en swak,
‘n Jong dogertjie sien hom,
Sy besluit om die hek oop te maak


Ingcwaba Lendoda Lise Cankwe Ndlela

Drawing inspiration from African traditions and urban rituals, ‘ingcwaba lendoda’ explores the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual dislocation of young black South Africans whose origins lie a long way down the N2 in the Eastern Cape.


Isivuno Sama Phupha

Director: Mandla Mbothwe Created by the cast Costumes: Illka Louw Lighting Design: Luke Ellenbogen Performed by students of the UCT drama department and selected members of the Magnet Theatre Community Groups Intervention It is not moral regeneration we should seek, but spiritual regeneration. We all have dreams, even those who claim not to have them; […]



Cargo is a performative engagement with the archive of slavery at the Cape. An archive is a collection of bits and pieces; traces that remain from the past. It has its own logic of construction; its own rules of inclusion and exclusion. “Archive as much as you like”, the French historian Pierre Nora once said, “something will always be left out.”


Rain in a Dead Man’s Footprints

“Rain in a Dead Man’s Footprints is beautiful, haunting and visually amazing but contains at its core a deadly serious story. It shows powerfully how the written word can become yet another violence being perpetrated on a people who are already suffering the ignominy of being hunted to death like animals.”


The Fire Raisers

The Fire Raisers brings together the Swiss Playwright Max Frisch’s witty text with a Brechtian chorus sung under the musical direction of Neo Muyanga (of Blk Sonshine fame), Spirale’s choral expertise and Magnet’s unique physical imagery. The production explores with incendiary effect the consequences that face a world in which the gap between rich and poor widens daily.


53 Degrees

The piece celebrates and foregrounds both the little and big achievements of these 2 women while at the same time placing their struggles in the context of the broader liberation struggle in South Africa.



Over the first half of 2003 and 2006 Onnest’bo has performed to students in high schools across the province. In addition to watching the performance each school class receives a package of information on various themes related to forced removals and teachers receive booklets of follow-up exercises for classroom use. The District Six Museum arranged inter-generational workshops at schools or in the museum during which older members of the community who have experienced removals engage directly with the students.


Cold Waters / Thirsty Souls

The fifth collaboration between the Jazzart Dance Theatre and Magnet Theatre. In past productions we used improvisation to generate dance material, which we have then refined, and set and repeated in exactly the same way each performance. In this way the dancers were integrally involved in the making of the dance. In this production we took improvisation a step further, bringing it directly into the performance arena itself. Cold Waters/Thirsty Souls is a lively interplay between structure and improvisation;between form and freedom.


Vlam 2

It is about revelation and resurrection; death and rebirth. For most people the millennium is just an excuse for a party; others seek deeper more spiritual meanings from it. Some will wake having witnessed a revelation; others will wake with the mother of all hangovers.


Vlam 1

It is about revelation and resurrection; death and rebirth. For most people the millennium is just an excuse for a party; others seek deeper more spiritual meanings from it. Some will wake having witnessed a revelation; others will wake with the mother of all hangovers.



Directed by Mark Fleishman and Jennie Reznek Performed by Lara Bye, Gaeten Schmidt, Thembani Luzipho, Craig Leo, Alan Committee, Mandla Mbothwe, Warona Seane, Makhaola Ndebele Performed in schools, prisons, community centres, beaches and streets throughout the Western Cape. Over 16 000 people saw the production over an eight week period. An Outdoor Theatre production in […]

I do

“I Do” x 22

Directed by Mark Fleishamn Created by original cast Performed by Jennie Reznek, Mark Hoeben and Kurt Wustmann (Cape Town) Joshua Lindberg (Johannesburg) Best New Indigenous Script (nomination) FNB Vita Best Actor (winner) Fleur du cap Linda searches for the perfect partner. She dances her way through 22 failed marriages. “Right at the top (of the […]


Soe Loep Ons… Nou Nog!

Directed by Mark Fleishman Movement Direction : Jennie Reznek Performed by Dawn Langdown A theatrical collage of story-telling, mime, song and dance. Stories that reflect the paradox of the pain and the party of life. Stories of a community that has suffered disempowerment, dispossession and the ravages of alcholism yet still fills the streets of […]


The Sun, the Moon and the Knife

Based on Return Of The Moon: Versions of the /Xam poems by Stephen Watson, translated from the Bleek and Lloyd collection. Conceived, adapted and directed by Mark Fleishman Choreography Alfred Hinkel Music Direction Heather Mac Design Michael Mitchell Lighting Paul Abrams Performed by Dawn Langdown and the Jazzart Company “One of the most challenging aspects […]



Direction: Mark Fleishman and Jennie Reznek Choreography: Alfred Hinkel Design: Craig Leo Lighting: Julian August Music arrangement: Rene Avenant Performed by: Bo Peterson, Kurt Wustmann, Jay Pather, Dawn Langdown, Heinrich Reisenhofer Chorus: John Linden, Simpiwe Magazi, Geli Schubert, Penny-Colleen Swain Mpotseng Shuping, Busisiwe Ngebulana, Sbonakaliso Ndaba , Randall Dirks, Sifiso Kweyama Best Production of a […]


Moby Dick

Adapted and Directed by Mark Fleishman Movement Direction: Jennie Reznek Set design: Nadya Cohen Masks and heads: Adrian Kohler (Handspring Puppet Company) Performed by: Nicholas Ashby, Jamie Bartlett, Leslie Fong, Anna-Mart van der Merwe The text for this adaption of Herman Mellville’s novel was developed with the actors at the Market Laboratory. Together we searched […]


The Show’s Not Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings

Best Director and Best Script (nomination) FNB Vita Best Comedy Performance Vita Awards, 1992 Best Actress Vita Awards, 1993 Belinda is hungry. Belinda is earthbound. Belinda is trapped inside a body that refuses to do what it is told. She is victim of her voracious appetites, her dreams, demons and desires. Belinda can’t breathe. And […]


Cheap Flights

Performed and created by Jennie Reznek Directed by Roz Monat Best Actress (nomination) Vita Awards, 1987 Best Actress Dalro Awards, 1987 An expose of life in the fast lane of a one room flat. A character trapped in a rubbish tip of a room. Hating every inch. Frightened by the escalating violence around her, she […]