17th Clanwilliam Arts Project in September

We are under a month away from the THE CLANWILLIAM ARTS PROJECT/ LANTERN FESTIVAL 2017!!! Come the 24th of September facilitators and learners from Magnet Theatre, The UCT Drama Department, The UCT College of Music, School of Dance, The Michaelis School of Fine Art and Jazzart Dance Theatre, will be working with some 700 learners in the Western Cape town of Clanwilliam running workshops interpreting and re-enacting a story told by the Xam (Cape San) people who occupied the area they live in today, countless years ago.

The workshops will culminate in a parade and performance on the evening of Sunday 1st October (SAVE THE DATE) at which the results are enacted for the community and general public fusing /Xam storytelling elements, including fire dancing, music and mythical objects made by the learners.
This year’s story is called THE LIZARD, THE BEETLE, THE MICE AND THE MANTIS. The Clanwilliam Arts Project is generously funded by Rooibos Ltd, with support from University of Cape Town and The Clanwilliam Sakekamer.