Donate to Magnet’s ‘WAY AHEAD!’ Campaign

Magnet has started the Way Ahead campaign as a means of creating a sustainable future for Magnet and future Magneteers. The #WayAhead campaign simultaneously 1) hopes to maintain the opportunity to fund the programme while 2) recognising the trailblazing flight that Magnet has been on for 36 years. This campaign is to help Magnet secure a future while acknowledging how we got here: support Magnet’s way ahead to pave our way ahead!

FOUR causes to support

  1. Mobility Fund – To get our interns and trainees in to the building every day.
  • 1 day for 1 intern = R 100
  • 1 week for 1 intern = R 500
  • 1 month for 1 intern = R 2000
  1. Tickets for tots – Our Early Years shows are often the first introduction to the theatre for young audiences. Contribute by buying tickets for child-care centres/schools
  • R10 for 200 kiddies = R 2000
  1. Home Fund – You can help us keep our Magnet Theatre home’s doors open by donating to our monthly rent.
  • 1 week = R5000
  1. Tickets for teens – you can increase access for young people to theatre in the city. Help us by buying reduced price tickets for Magnet and other shows.
  • R100 per ticket


Donate via SnapScan:

Follow this link to donate via Yoco 

Our bankdetails for EFT:

Magnet Training and Youth Upliftment Trust

  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Account Number: 1033875511
  • Account type: Current Account
  • Branch: Gardens
  • Branch Code: 101009
  • Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ