I Turned Away and She was Gone


Venue: Magnet Theatre

A poetic reworking of the Persephone story.

Jennie Reznek’s acclaimed new one-woman show.

Following the premiere last year, praise included comments such as, “Reznek shines…. her script has a poetic cadence … 4 stars” (Cape Argus); “Stirs the soul….a theatrical delight…astonishing”  (Cape Times) and a truly enveloping story of the three main stages in the lives of women…. I Turned…’ might be my favourite one woman show since ‘My Name Is Rachel Corri. It is vital stuff’  (The Next 48 Hours) “Watching Jennie move.. is like poetry in motion.. a must-see” (Theatrescenecpt).

Directed by Mark Fleishman

Choreographed by Ina Wichterich

Design by Craig Leo

Original Music by Neo Muyanga

Voice Coaching by Liz Mills

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Jennie Reznek's new solo show

Three incarnations of women: a mother, a daughter and an old crone. A haunting of past, present and future selves. Drawing loosely on the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, this new play explores the process of individuation, the inevitability of the journey into the shadow and into the unknown, of the bonds that connect mothers and children to each other, of loss and the dense beautiful soaring life that we are all traveling through.