Magnet Theatre Alumni Conference


Venue: Magnet Theatre

There is a great need currently in theatre in South Africa for genuine transformation, to pull young people from the margins into the centre of the industry, to empower young women to step into leadership roles, for all to move forward in a more integrated way, to address issues around transparency, access, and national and city support of the arts.

The Magnet Theatre Alumni Conference will address the concerns of young aspirant theatre makers and performers who have graduated from the various programs Magnet runs, the challenges that they face in the everyday practice of their craft, the need to strengthen networks and explore the way forward. The conference is aimed at providing a platform for youth to identify current challenges and develop ideas on how transformation in the theatre industry can occur.

Built around the 56 participants and graduates of the Magnet Theatre Full time Training and Job creation Programme, the Magnet Theatre Alumni Conference creates an opportunity for the voice of young people who are struggling against all odds to make theatre and survive in the industry to be heard. It is a space and time to reflect, listen, share and understand.

The Magnet Theatre Alumni Conference includes:

  • Key note addresses by leading figures in the South African Theatre industry (Somadoda Fikeni and Thoko Ntshinga);
  • Panel discussions with key figures and stakeholders in the South African Theatre industry including theatre practitioners and managers, Corporate Social Investors, Non-Governmental organisations and relevant government departments who support the industry’s development (Mandla Mbothwe, Michelle Constant, Mike van Graan, Warona Seane and Neo Muyanga), and youth who have graduated from the Magnet Theatre Fulltime Training and Job Creation programme and UCT Drama Department (Aphiwe Menziwa, Asanda Rilityana, Bulelani Mabutyana, Maggie Fernando and Nolufefe Ntshuntshe);
  • Entertainment, provided by aspiring and promising artists who have established their careers by challenging the entertainment industry (Lingua Franca, Muziek Sensation and Secret Flames).