Nwabisa Plaatjie

Theatre maker on mentoring Programme 2016.

Nwabisa Plaatjie is a BA (HONs) in Theatre and Performance graduate from the University of Cape Town. She comes from Ugie, Eastern Cape. NgumaNtsundu, Umgxongo, uSophitsho, Yem-yem, Ngqolomsila, uMadiba owadiba indoga, uHala. I come from a people that mend broken walls.

Growing up my grandmother used to tell me folktales (intsomi) xa kutshona ilanga. Through stories I learned about Imvelaphi yam (my family’s history), amasiko nezithethe (tradition and culture), and most importantly, the importance of compassion, gentleness and humanity (ubuntu). “Storytellers are gentle souls. You cannot tell a story when angry…” my Grandmother used to say. This is where my love for theatre stemmed from.

As a young theatre maker I am constantly trying to engage with those things that I do not understand…those things that often make me and those around me uncomfortable.