• Azola Mkhabile

    Azola Mkhabile is 26 years old from Khayelitsha. He currently a trainee at Magnet Theatre. He once performed and won an award of best supporting actor in a play call QUEST OF APARTHEID LAWS. He wants to pursue a career in theatre-making.

  • Sipho Kalako

    Sipho Kalako, is 23 years old from Khayelitsha, Site B. He started doing theatre from 2008 where he was part of a community-based organisation called Khwela. He has been involved productions, performing at Artscape, Baxter theatre and Makukhanye Art room. He was trained by Makukhanye Arts room by Mandisi Sindo, Lulama Masimini, Mbulelo Grootboom.

  • Nosiphiwo Ndabeni

    Nosiphiwo Ndabeni is a 22 year  old  actress  from  Cape  Town,  originally  from  Eastern  Cape  Lady  Frere. In  2017, she  joined  RAINBOW  ARTS ORGANISATION,    she  was  a  trainnee  for  six months  in  Drama  and  Music. She performed the SPEAR directed by Thembekile Komani and Philani Xhaga. In   2017, she auditioned for IsiXhosa  play  called  Buzani  kuBawo  and was successful.  In  2018, she performed  the play  at  Artscape  Theatre  directed  by  the  legendary  Thokozile  Ntshinga. In 2019 went  back  to  Rainbow  Arts Organization  where she met  the  well-known  Cape  Town  Actor  Mbulelo  Grootboom. She performed Iago's Last Dance by Mike Van Graan directed by Mbulelo Grootboom. Now she is the Stage Manager for The Missing Manual by Xola Honono for Zabalaza Festival and, current Magnet Theatre trainee.

  • Siphenathi Siqwayi

    Siphenathi Siqwayi is 25 years old, born and bred in Eastern Cape, but currently residing in Kraaifontein, Cape Town. He started acting in 2009 when he joined the local organisation called Mayibuye Developmental agency inspired by the big names in the industry. He performed in few productions: ‘Zinxananazile’ and ‘The Journey’ by Bulelani Mabutyane; ‘This day 6 years ago’ by Avela Gigi; ‘Long walk to Freedom’ by Mkhuseli Richard Tafane etc. He also performed in many big theatres in Cape Town and Johannesburg. In 2014, He did Public Relations Management at CPUT and further went on to do technical support in IT at On the Ball College. Currently, He is one of the Magnet Theatre trainees. His dream is to be a theatre-maker, arts facilitator and an innovator so that he can give back to the community he grew up in.

  • Khaya Buntu Magantsela

    Khaya Buntu Magantsela is 21 years old from Eersterivier. He has done the following productions: ‘Emerging Footprints’, ’Born Frees’ and, ‘Sins of Migrations’. He was in German Exchange programme. In 2018, in high school, he was awarded the Best Actor Award. He attended a kyk Net National competition and out of 600 students, he was selected to top 9. Currently, he is a trainee at Magnet Theatre.

  • Gabriel Buis

    Gabriel Buis is 20 years old from Barrydale. He worked at an organisation where he was part of shows playing with big puppets and also went to Baxter Theatre to perform one of their shows there. Currently he is trainee at Magnet Theatre.

  • Olwethu Qavile

    Olwethu Qavile is a 22 years old, matriculated in 2018. She started Drama and dance in grade 10 at Chris Hani Arts and Culture focus school. At school she decided to be part of Drama high school festival, Culture Gangs outreach then in 2017. she did a music video with Stone Jest, after that was part of Indoni Dance, Arts and leadership Academy outreach.

  • Kuhle Myathaza

    Kuhle Myathaza is a 24 years old from Du Noon, Milnerton. She is a very ambitious founder of an Arts group named Intsika yakwaXhosa formed in 2016. She is a stage director and poet. She has been in several productions such as ‘Ndiyinkulu nje ndiyinkulu’, ‘Cengithongo’, Liphi lungelo lam’, Maqwengephila’, ‘Micheal Jackson’ and so on. Currently she is busy with another production called ‘Emerge footprint’. She has directed a few productions from her group such as ‘Ubukho bayo buincindi yekhala’, ‘Maqwengephila’ and ‘liphi ilungelo lam’.  

  • Donnay Arendse

    Donnay Arendse is a 22 years old and she aspires to be a multi-disciplined performer, flexible and always willing to mould herself into any vessel needed for performance. after high school she was fortunate enough to be exposed to quite of acting training, primarily being for camera work whilst also being exposed to theatre. In 2018, she co-wrote and performed in a play with my classmates ‘Color me crazy’  In 2019, she was part of a production called Silent Voices by Adong Judith, directed by Nwabisa Plaatjie which was performed at Theatre Arts admin. In September 2019, she had performed a solo show task, views, self-written and directed whilst under the supervision of Raezeen Wentworth. It was performed in Waterfront theatre school.

  • Kuhle Myathaza

    Kuhle Myathaza is a 24 years old from Du Noon, Milnerton. She is a very ambitious founder of an Arts group named Intsika yakwaXhosa formed in 2016. She is a stage director and poet. She has been in several productions such as ‘Ndiyinkulu nje ndiyinkulu’, ‘Cengithongo’, Liphi lungelo lam’, Maqwengephila’, ‘Micheal Jackson’ and so on. Currently she is busy with another production called ‘Emerge footprint’. She has directed a few productions from her group such as ‘Ubukho bayo buincindi yekhala’, ‘Maqwengephila’ and ‘liphi ilungelo lam’.

  • Wendy Mrali

    Wendy Mrali is a 26 years old, born  in Eastern Cape and grew up in Cape Town living with both her parents. She is a member of Light of Life theatre organisation, she is a performing artist, theatre-maker and is multi-talented. Her shows include: Ukuwa kwentaba that was the best of Zabalaza in 2019 written and directed by Mthobisi Mpandle. Buzani kuBawo which was a school setwork staged in Artscape directed by Thokozile Ntshinga. Ityali which was part of Malibongwe Women’s Festival directed by Faniswa Yisa. She is now a Magnet Theatre trainee.

  • Siphesihle Nkantini

    Siphesihle Nkantini is 19 years old and matriculated in 2019. He takes to heart every opportunity to perform and also understands the theoretical underpinnings of every style in theatre. He took part in High school drama festival in 2017 and won the Best supporting actor award. Participated in Magnet Theatre`s Culture Gangs project in 2018 and, ITLP with Ithemba labantu. He also played as a main character performing FLAMES OF MY BLOOD at Somerset playhouse in Parel Vallei Playhouse drama festival in 2018.

  • Litha Thembelani Xabadiya

    Litha Thembelani Xabadiya is 35 years old from Mandalay. He toured Germany (2009) as a singer with UWC Creative Arts Choir, hosted by Braunschweig T.U. Participating in the Maynardville open air festival (Shakespeare festival) as part of the Vumani choral project. He played a supporting role on Buzani kuBawo, an Artscape Xhosa setwork by Thoko Ntshinga, 2018. Played a lead role in Lwanda Sindaphi`s musical in drama “Songs of the Soil” both at Artscape Incubation season (2017) and Arts Tradefair the Market Theatre in Johannesburg, 2018.

  • Thabo Mkenene

    Thabo Mkenene, is a 20 years old. He lives in Khayelitsha site B u182 Juwela street. He started doing theatre in 2015 at Makukhanye theatre room. What he loves the most about theatre is Physical theatre, because he can tell different stories with his body.

  • Buhle T. Stefane

    Buhle T. Stefane, age 23 years old, matriculated in 2014. He started dancing in 2008 in Arts of Modelers dance company in which on 2015, he became one of the choreographers of the company. In 2019, he became KASI RC choreographer. He graduated from Chyrisalis/ Jazzart dance and leadership program. With KASI RC, he performed at Fugard theatre on “Ezothando’, an adaption of Romeo and Juliet. He also performed at the Baxter Dance festival and Jazzart season at Artscape. He dramatized ‘Nyana womgquba’ a solo piece he performed at Artscape on KAAPSE DANSE SOLO 2019 and Diary kaMfana – a two hander show performed at Kasi RC. House of Collaboration is one of the suidoosterefees 2020r semi-finalists. He is now a Magnet trainee.

  • Bongani Dyalivana

    Bongani Dyalivana is 31years old from Khayelitsha. He made his first production debut with Theatre Arts Admin Collective with a collaboration with Young in Prison, with Ubuze Bam. The next production was Phefumla (Breath) – a collaboration with Norway and South Africa,  also directed by Thando Doni. Performed on a production called Love leave a Legacy – a Second Chance Theatre, UCT and Nicro partnership. Bongani has also involved in the following movies: The Slave of the Ship, The Forgiven (International Movie), The Slave of the Farm, Ukumnyama, Imali and Isakhumzi (Mzantsi Magic) .Ubuze Bam won an award for the Best Production  at  the Cape Town fringe, performed at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda and also at venues around Cape Town. The Slave of the Farm has won the best movie in London. Phefumla went to Norway festival and Assitej Festival.

  • Mihlali Bele

    Mihlali Bele is a 21 years old from Langa. She starred a role on Uhambo, and was a part of the Cumi Media production. She has partaken on a theatre performance of “phatha-phatha” in Artscape & Cape Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) with Zama school from Gugulethu – and performed it at Eisteddfod, winning a silver.

  • Molupe Lepeli

    Molupe Lepeli, age 24 years old lives in Kraaifontein, born and bred in Matatiele, KZN. He grew up in Cape Town. He is a poet mostly writes in IsiXhosa and Sesotho and, he began writing when he was in high school inspired by Anele Kose. He is an actor and also writer, member of Light of Life Theatre from kraaifontein; a member of CYPHER (Cape Poetry Hub for Expression and Rhythm) under Lingua Franca Spoken movement. He won 2nd place poetry slam in Khayamandi Arts and Culture Festival (KACF) October 2016, cape town open book festival poetry slam champion for 2019. Performed ukuwa kwentaba, best of Zabalaza 2019. He was awarded as the best supporting actor zabalaza festival in Baxter Theatre – 16th March 2019. Currently is one of Magnet Theatre trainees.

  • Lindokuhle Melaphi

    Lindokuhle Melaphi is a 20 years old from Wynberg. She is a Theatre and Film actress who is currently based in Cape Town and has a huge interest in performing arts. Her vision and mission is to achieve all that is good and beneficial within the entertainment industry mainly in theatre & television and what people declare as impossible.