Isivuno Sama Phupha

Director: Mandla Mbothwe

Created by the cast
Costumes: Illka Louw
Lighting Design: Luke Ellenbogen
Performed by students of the UCT drama department and selected members of the Magnet Theatre Community Groups Intervention

It is not moral regeneration we should seek, but spiritual regeneration. We all have dreams, even those who claim not to have them; their dream is to have a dream. It is said that in pre-industrial societies dreams were a central activity for both personal and communal growth; just like stories, Iintsomi. Dreams were regarded as a means of communication with oneself, with the world of the wise ones and with the community at large.

While working with community drama groups as part of Magnet Theatre’s Community Groups Intervention and we have drawn closer and closer to the role of dreams in theatre-making, both in content and in the form of presentation. This production looks at the great gift of dreams and how they can positively influence our theatre. Isivuno Sama Phupha is a production based on the ‘liminality’ of dreams, painted by poetic language and body images, voice orchestration and symbols. It weaves between places and spaces; between waking-time and sleeping-time, telling the magical stories of our dreams. It invites the audience on a journey of marvel. Through theatrically re-created rituals it aims to find its way into the hearts of audiences and performers. Through dancing, clapping, singing, poetry and drumming it wakes up the world of optimism and possibility in us all.

(UCT/Magnet Theatre) Arena Theatre UCT