Greg January wants out, but he knows he has a debt to pay. It is a simple job, a 1-2-3, a break-in or so Jimmy Gladdevingers thinks. A gun, a poodle, a drunken old lady, a white BMW, a girl called Merryl – is jy bang?

Originally created by Frances Marek, Dann-Jaques Mouton and Ephraim Gordon

Directed by:                                Mark Fleishman

Cast:                                            Ephraim Gordon & Dann-Jaques Mouton

Design:                                       Craig Leo

Movement Director:                                    Jennie Reznek

Voice Coach:                             Liz Mills

Production Manager:               Derek Wildeman

Stage Manager:                        Namhla Kalipa assisted by Shakir Bester

Lighting Operator:                    Franklyn Steyn

Sound Operator:                       Thembani Matshabane