NOMVULA – The Girl of the Rain

NOMVULA” The Girl of the Rain, speaks to an audience of very young children, entertaining them whilst focusing on age appropriate educational themes: the relationship between humans and nature.

 “NOMVULA” The Girl of the Rain is specifically aimed at 4 – 9 year old children. It tells the story of a young girl who loves water, and how actions by humans cause clouds to be grumpy, the earth to cry and the wind to stop talking. In essence it is about respect and taking care of nature.

The production is directed by Magnet graduate and emerging director, Thando Doni. and the cast is made up of the four graduates from the Magnet Theatre Training Programme.


Director:                               Thando Doni

Dramaturge:                                    Jennie Reznek

Cast:                                     Asiphe Lili

Siphenathi Mayekiso,

Lwanda Sindaphi,

Sivuyile Dunjwa      

Created by:                           The Company

All music:                              Workshopped by director & cast

Design:                                  Cast in collaboration with Themba Stewart

Production manager:        Themba Stewart


For this project, Magnet Theatre is supported by the National Lotteries Distribution Trust Fund, Western Cape Extended Public Works Program, Rand Merchant Bank, Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, HCI Foundation and Johannesburg Repertory Players.