The Show’s Not Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sings

Best Director and Best Script (nomination) FNB Vita
Best Comedy Performance Vita Awards, 1992
Best Actress Vita Awards, 1993

Belinda is hungry.
Belinda is earthbound.
Belinda is trapped inside a body that refuses to do what it is told.
She is victim of her voracious appetites, her dreams, demons and desires.
Belinda can’t breathe.
And then one day she hears a voice calling.
Words, gesture, masks and circus elements portray Belinda’s struggle, her journey of discovery, her battle to break free and fly.

“Great theatre… beautiful work… sends you out of the theatre brimming with joy”.
Barry Ronge, Sunday Times

“…just unbelievably, unbelievably funny. Five stars and then some shooting.”
Charl Blignaut, Vrye Weekblad

“Brilliant and insightful!”
South China Morning Post

“They (Magnet Theatre) have produced theatre which doesn’t pull shy of addressing sensitive issues seriously but without becoming inaccessible or dry”
The Argus

(Magnet Theatre) UCT Cape Town; Grahamstown Festival Fringe; Hilton College Theatre, Pietermaritzburg; Brighton Festival; Glasgow Mayfest; Green Room, Manchester; Glastonbury International Festival; Edinburgh Festival Fringe; Melkweg, Amsterdam; BAC, London; Old Bull Arts Centre, London; Hong Kong Fringe Festival; National Theatre of Namibia, Windhoek; Sodra Teatern, Stockholm.