Out of the dried earth and dust, life remains hidden until the rains come. And when they do, the earth transforms into clay and the clay transforms the lives of three friends! Three performers from Mozambique and Botswana invite us to explore this material that keeps on changing.
Designed by Asiphe Lili
With Yuck Miranda, Jessica Lejowa, Amade Buanamade

Created by the company with input from Jennie Reznek (Magnet Theatre), Barbara Kölling and Anna-Sophia Zimniak (Theater Helios), Jayne Batzofin and Andi Colombo.
Stage Management: Andi Colombo
Lighting Design: Themba Stewart and Andi Colombo
Production Manager: Themba Stewart

In collaboration with Goethe-Institut South Africa and Helios Theater as part of the Early Years Theatre Incubation 2018