Uvuno: The Harvest

Magnet Theatre presents 3 brand new works and an exhibition of a professional stage design project. This program has been developed with the 4 Expanded Public Works Program interns who have been with Magnet Theatre since August 2014. They are all 2013 graduates of the Magnet Theatre Full time Training and Job Creation Program. This short season of performance and exhibition is the culmination of their year’s internship with Magnet Theatre. The new works have been mentored by 2014 Fleur du Cap and Naledi nominee Thando Doni – also a 2011 Magnet graduate. The exhibition has been mentored by Craig Leo – award winning designer and longtime collaborator with Magnet Theatre. This season is a celebration of the emerging talents of 3 new theatre makers and a theatre designer.

Mentor Director:                            Thando Doni

Performers:                                    Siphenathi Mayekosi, Lwanda Sindaphi, Sivuyile Dunjwa  

Set Design:                                       Asiphe Lili

Set Design Mentor:                        Craig Leo

Set Builder:                                      Themba Stewart

Production Manager:                     Themba Stewart

Magnet Theatre Expanded Public Works Program

Thanks to the Western Cape Government, Magnet Theatre was able in 2014, to offer 4 young theatre makers the opportunity of a third year of training at Magnet Theatre. The intention of the year was to supplement the skills of the training program, focusing on technical training, community arts, theatre administration, fund raising and theatre making; to create skilled leaders and increase employability in the professional industry, contributing to its transformation.

The programme will include:


Written and performed by Lwanda Sindaphi

Designed by Asiphe Lili

Lighting Design by Themba Stewart and Thando Doni

The metaphysical world meets the physical world and when this clash takes place a dramatic transition changes a young man’s life. His long dead grandmother gives him something to live for, yet he is denied the freedom to love. If love is a good thing then why is this young man denied the right to be loved? Why does his purpose pull him away from love? The existence and the power of the unseen are questioned in the play. When do we start following our purpose and how does one know one’s purpose? Love and hatred; spirituality and materiality; metaphysics and the real world struggle against each other in Lwanda’s beautifully written poetic text and emotionally engaged performance.


Choreographed and performed by Siphenathi Mayekiso

Designed by Asiphe Lili

Choreographic input from Mbovu Malinga

Lighting Design by Themba Stewart and Thando Doni

This is a dance piece about the subject of migration. Be it migration from oneself, migration by force from one place to another, migration from ones state of mind, migration from one’s gender, race, tradition. Migration from IDENTITY. The performance explores how one sees one’s own reflection, how one sees oneself in this muddy, often difficult process of migration and identity shifts. A unique new performance style and language.

On the Run

Written and performed by Sivuyile Dunjwa

Designed by Asiphe Lili and Sivuyile Dunjwa

Lighting Design by Themba Stewart and Thando Doni

Sivuyile tells the painful story of a young man who loves cars, loves driving and revels in the power of being behind the wheel. He dreams of owning his own car one day. The dream is powerful and he will do anything and everything to make it a reality. Until one day he does the unspeakable. It a story about growing up in the townships, about poverty and the lack of possibilities and how scarcity can lead to unexpected results. Engagingly performed by a fresh young talent.

Foyer Exhibition

Set and Costume Designs for The Black Hermit

Asiphe chose Ngugi wa Thiong’o’s Kenyan author’s The Black Hermit to create set and costume designs for an imagined production. She has created designs for a production without the instruction of a director, that is close to home and that speaks to her as a young African woman; about the clash of culture and modernity, and the perceptions around literacy and education on our continent. This is the launch of a new young black female theatre designer – a rare breed!

By Asiphe Lili

Assisted by Themba Stewart and Sivuyile Dunjwa

Venue: Magnet Theatre, Unit 1 Old Match Factory, Corner Lower Main and St. Michaels Road, Observatory

Dates: 22, 23, 24, 25 April 2015

Time: 19h00 Wed- Friday (22- 24th April) and 15h00 Saturday 25th April

Ticket prices: R50 for all, R30 for block bookings of more than 10.

Bookings can be done online on www.webtickets.co.za or by calling Magnet Theatre on 021 448 3436 ask for Nomzamo or email Magnet Theatre for more information on nomzamo@magnettheatre.co.za

For this project, Magnet Theatre is supported Western Cape Expanded Public Works Program and HCI Foundation.