Vlam 1

South African/Western Australian Arts Project Coalition
A collaboration between Southern Edge Arts (Western Australia),
Jazzart Dance Theatre, Magnet Theatre and community arts
organisations in Cape Town.

Held on December 16th 1999, Reconciliation Day, in a large vacant lot in District 6 under the shadow of Table Mountain with the harbour and the lights of the city as a backdrop. Modules were created by different communities in Cape Town using large sculptural objects, backpack puppets, musical instruments out of PVC plumbing pipes, fire performance techniques, lanterns, dance and music.

Vlam (Flames/fire), a symbol of transformation at once terrible and devouring, and purifying and restorative. Performed by 500 community arts practitioners.

Attended by over 3000 people. Part of the Millenium Celebration of the city of Cape Town.