Voices Made Night

Adapted from the Stories by Mia Couto
Directed: Mark Fleishman
Movement Director: Jennie Reznek
Slide design: Julia Clarke
Music: Jane Rademeyer
Performed by: Gosekwang Poonyane, Rehane Abrahams, Mandla Mbothwe, Jane Rademeyer

Best Director (winner) FNB Vita
Best Actress (winner) FNB Vita
Best Lighting Design (winner) FNB Vita

An adaptation for the stage of selected short stories by the acclaimed Mozambican author Mia Couto. Couto’s writing is rooted in the strange and often bizarre realities of life in contemporary African societies in transition. His stories confront head on the difficulties facing postcolonial societies in the process of transformation, offering unique insight into the psychic damage, which has been the legacy of both colonial history and the wars of decolonisation. The stage version is a story made up of pieces, fragments of other stories, told in a vacant space filled at varying times by different voices, different characters, a liminal world of chaos, of fertile nothingness, a great storehouse of possibilities.

“Evocative physical theatre is a must… The four performers move between storylines and characterisation with an ease and nuance that are a credit to both directors and cast. The show should not be missed”
Andrew Gilder, Cape Times

“Magnet Theatre has consistently remained on the cutting edge of South African art and culture. …(Voices Made Night) combines the best of all worlds… a show that reflects the unique identity of South African theatre.”
Roger Lucey, e-tv news

(Magnet Theatre) Arena Theatre , Cape Town, Teatro Avenida, Maputo, Main Theatre Artscape, Cape Town