Donate to Magnet’s ‘WAY AHEAD!’ Campaign

Magnet has started the Way Ahead campaign as a means of creating a sustainable future for Magnet and future Magneteers. The #WayAhead campaign simultaneously 1) hopes to maintain the opportunity to fund the programme while 2) recognising the trailblazing flight that Magnet has been on for 35 years. It comes as a moment of reflection, after surviving the horrendous effects of COVID.  This campaign is to help Magnet secure a future while acknowledging how we got here: support Magnet’s way ahead to pave our way ahead!

FOUR causes to support

  1. Mobility Fund – To get our interns and trainees in to the building every day.
  • 1 day for 1 intern = R 100
  • 1 week for 1 intern = R 500
  • 1 month for 1 intern = R 2000
  1. Tickets for tots – Our Early Years shows are often the first introduction to the theatre for young audiences. Contribute by buying tickets for child-care centres/schools
  • R10 for 200 kiddies = R 2000
  1. Home Fund – You can help us keep our Magnet Theatre home’s doors open by donating to our monthly rent.
  • 1 week = R5000
  1. Tickets for teens – you can increase access for young people to theatre in the city. Help us by buying reduced price tickets for Magnet and other shows.
  • R100 per ticket


Donate via SnapScan:

Follow this link to donate via Yoco 

Our bankdetails for EFT:

Magnet Training and Youth Upliftment Trust

  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Account Number: 1033875511
  • Account type: Current Account
  • Branch: Gardens
  • Branch Code: 101009
  • Swift Code: NEDSZAJJ