Magnet Theatre is an OPCO of 2 Trusts: The Magnet Theatre Educational Trust (established in 1998) and The Magnet Training and Youth Upliftment Trust with 18A status (established in 2011).

Magnet Theatre Educational Trust

Registration number: IT 3514/98

Registration date: 21 September 1998

NPO registration number: 051-678-NPO

Registration date: 13 November 2006

PBO registration number: 930030113


Magnet Training and Youth Upliftment Trust
Registration Number: IT2592/2011

Registration Date: 2011

NPO Registration Number: 127-956NPO

NPO Registration Date: 25 September 2013

PBO Reference number: 930044236


  • Mark Fleishman: BA, Perf. Dip. (Speech & Drama) MA (UCT) PhD (UCT)
  • Mandla Mbothwe: BA (Hons) Perf. Dip. (Speech & Drama) (UCT) MA Theatre Making (UCT)
  • Jennie Reznek: BA, Perf. Dip. (Speech & Drama) (UCT), Diploma Ecole Jacques Lecoq (Paris, France), MA (UCT).
  • Neo Muyanga: Diploma in Philosophical Studies
  • Joonji Mdyogolo: Certificate advanced sub-editing (Wits), BA (Wits) Fullbright Fellow (University of Maryland)