Current productions


Magnet Theatre’s Climate Change Project, SURGE,  was directed by Roshina Ratnam and designed by Hansie Visagie and performed at Magnet Theatre  first in 2022 with the Magnet Theatre youth company. Subsequently it ran the Baxter Theatre in 2023 and was nominated in 2024 for Best Children’s production. It is aimed at high school learners and […]



A fun, high energy, playful production to delight young audiences. Bounced explores the dynamics of the world of four friends as they come together. From the deflated Lows to the highest Highs, we are led through a vibrant journey where we are asked to question, who leads, who follows, and who is left out? Directed […]



Snapped Written by Jennie Reznek Directed by Mark Fleishman Performed by Jennie Reznek and Carlo Daniels, with Mluleki Titi as crew Set and costume design & shadow puppetry: Craig Leo, assisted by Leigh Bishop Sound Design: Neo Muyanga Lighting Design: Mark Fleishman and Themba Stewart Choreography: Ina Wichterich Videography: Kirsti Cumming with original photographs and […]


Oedipus at Colonus #aftersophocles 2023

  Oedipus at Colonus: #aftersophocles performed at the Baxter Flipside in February 2023, and at Woordfees in October 2023. Directed by Mark Fleishman, with Andrew Buckland, Jennie Reznek, Faniswa Yisa and the Magnet Theatre Youth Company. “Let there be no mistake about it; it is to this zone of occult instability where the people dwell […]


Stone Play

STONE PLAY is a physical theatre performance for 3 -6 year olds which will delight the whole family. It  takes us back to the beginnings of humankind, back to a long-forgotten world of light, shadow, song and storytelling. It traces the beginnings of paint and visual expression – stone, ground into powder, rain to make […]