Stone Play

STONE PLAY is a physical theatre performance for 3 -6 year olds which will delight the whole family. It  takes us back to the beginnings of humankind, back to a long-forgotten world of light, shadow, song and storytelling. It traces the beginnings of paint and visual expression – stone, ground into powder, rain to make paint and finally image. The new work by director Jennie Reznek has strong elements of ritual with the body transforming into different creatures, places and times and is full of the textures and sounds of Southern Africa.  Here the actors transform into the first family – springbok, meerkat, ostrich and tortoise, a diverse group of creatures that together find unity.  As they jump from stone to stone, exploring the sound, rhythm and weight of the stones, four performers remind us of the importance of family and of unity in diversity.

Devised by Jennie Reznek in collaboration with the cast

Directed by Jennie Reznek

Lighting Design by Themba Stewart

Designed by Craig Leo and Asiphe Lili

Choreographed by Jennie Reznek.

The cast features: Sivenathi  Macibela, Yvonne Msebenzi, Luxolo Mboso and Sizwe Lubengue

Please see trailer here