FAMILY DAY 30th April


Venue: Magnet Theatre

Magnet Theatre, in partnership with the Goethe-Institut, presents Worker’s Day weekend activities for the whole family.

Following the success of the Magnet Early Years Theatre Festival, in December 2015, Magnet presents four new and enchanting shows for children up to the age of seven. Performed by four casts of performers trained specifically to engage and communicate with young audiences, each production has been designed to captivate, fascinate, and offer a totally unique theatrical experience.

ON SATURDAY 30 April there will be non-stop theatre magic at Magnet Theatre. First up is Woodways at 10h00; then Paired at 12h00, AHA! at 14h00 and lastly Sandscape at 16h00.

Stimulating for the imagination, each production explores a different material and takes children on a journey of sensory delights. They are created with a special appeal for the under 7’s using unusual and innovative techniques to engage children in a non-narrative, explorative and captivating way:


Seeds, roots, trees, firewood, sticks and paper – these are the ways of wood. 3 performers from Kenya and Cameroon come together to follow the pathways of wood, delighting in the forms and sounds.


The sound of sand fills the landscape, pouring and falling. 4 actors from Zimbabwe and Nigeria explore the musicality of sand in a moment of drought.


In a group of shoes each journeys to find its pair, searches for a partner, longs to belong. 4 actors invite us to the shoe party! This is a piece about shoes, a favoured item for little children, and explores themes of pairing, groupings and the comfortability of finding the shoe that belongs.


A box arrives in an empty space! What could be inside? Aha! Wool! Pulling out the thread, the actors weave themselves and the children into the wondrous world of wool. This playful performance explores what wool can do, what we can make from it, how we can play with it and how the shapes that it makes can stimulate the imagination.

In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut, Magnet offered an intensive training module in the creation of theatre works for very young audiences (2 to 7 years) to ten young South Africans and eight guests from four other African countries (Nigeria, Cameroon, Kenya and Zimbabwe) from 14 March to 29 April at the Magnet Theatre in Cape Town. The module was presented by Jennie Reznek and her team at the Magnet Theatre, assisted by Barbara Kölling and Anna-Sophia Zimniak from Theater Helios.

Family Day at Magnet Theatre showcases the 4 new works that have been made over the past 2 months. A short season will follow from the 3rd – 6th May to children from Cape Town crèches and surrounding areas at the Magnet Theatre. The Goethe-Institut hopes to continue supporting theatre for very young audiences, and is planning to support further performances of these beautiful, unusual, age appropriate works created during the training module at Magnet Theatre.

Don’t miss out on this special opportunity to introduce your little one to the magic of live performance and celebrate your Worker’s Day weekend with fun for the whole family.

Family Day takes place on Saturday 30 April. Woodways at 10h00; Paired at 12h00, AHA! At 14h00 and Sandscape at 16h00.

Tickets cost R50 for adults and R30 for children.

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For group inquiries and further information please contact Chiminae on 021 4483436 / email

Magnet Theatre is situated at Unit 1, The Old Match Factory, Corner of Lower Main and St Michaels Roads, in Observatory. The theatre has ample parking space and is also a convenient ten minute walk to the train station and the Main Road.

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