Buhle T. Stefane

Buhle T. Stefane, age 23 years old, matriculated in 2014. He started dancing in 2008 in Arts of Modelers dance company in which on 2015, he became one of the choreographers of the company. In 2019, he became KASI RC choreographer. He graduated from Chyrisalis/ Jazzart dance and leadership program. With KASI RC, he performed at Fugard theatre on “Ezothando’, an adaption of Romeo and Juliet. He also performed at the Baxter Dance festival and Jazzart season at Artscape. He dramatized ‘Nyana womgquba’ a solo piece he performed at Artscape on KAAPSE DANSE SOLO 2019 and Diary kaMfana – a two hander show performed at Kasi RC. House of Collaboration is one of the suidoosterefees 2020r semi-finalists. He is now a Magnet trainee.