Nolufefe Ntshuntshe

Nolufefe Ntshuntshe (Early Years Company) is a third year Theatre and performance student majoring in Theatre Making. She finished high school in 2004, and has been involved in a number of community theatre projects co-writing and directing theatre productions for her community theatre group Future Line Arts Academy. She has also performed at the Baxter Theatre participating in the Ikhwezi Festival (now known as the Zabalaza Festival). Prior to her coming to study at UCT she was a trainee at the Magnet Theatre for two years, where she worked with Mark Fleishman on the production The Children and the Bees and Mandla Mbothwe on Inxeba Lomphilisi, a play which went to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival in 2010. She has also done a number of projects directing and facilitating theatre pieces for and with the Mothertongue Project where she is also an intern and board member.