Qondiswa James

Qondiswa James is a Black, Queer, Femme from the rural Transkei. She is a theatre-maker, performance artist, film and theatre performer, writer and liberation activist.She has directed theatre works including ‘Emhlab’Obomvu’ (NAF 2016), Silindile (UCT New Voices 2017) and ‘A Faint Patch of Light’ (TAAC Emerging Director’s Bursery 2018). Her onscreen appearances include the ‘The Foxy Five’ (Shnitt), ‘Umva’ (MOMA New York), Into Us and Ours (Cannes) and ‘High Fantasy’ (DIFF 2018 Best South African Film Award, Artistic Bravery Award).In September she curated and performed in ‘Zabebaleka Iimbhumbhulu’ as part of the Institute of Creative Arts’ Live Arts Festival 2018. She is currently an EPWP at Magnet Theatre.