4 new performances for under 7’s 2016

Following the success of the Magnet Early Years Theatre Festival, in December 2015, Magnet in partnership with the Goethe-Institut South Africa and Theater Helioe, presents four new and enchanting shows for children up to the age of seven. Performed by four casts of performers trained specifically to engage and communicate with young audiences, each production has been designed to captivate, fascinate, and offer a totally unique theatrical experience.

All works have been created with input from Jennie Reznek ( Magnet Theatre) and Barbara Kolling and Anna-Sophia Zimniak (Theater Helios)


WOODWAYS  Seeds, roots, trees, firewood, sticks and paper – these are the ways of wood. 3 performers from Kenya and Cameroon come together to follow the pathways of wood, delighting in the forms and sounds.

Directed by Sophia Mempuh Kwachuh

Designed by Asiphe Lili

With Burnley Yaya Fokumlah, Alumbe Hellen Namai, Kento Jumah

Created by the company



PAIRED In a group of shoes each journeys to find its pair, searches for a partner, longs to belong. 4 actors invite us to the shoe party!

Directed by Lwanda Sindaphi

With Livie Ncanywa, Meagen Booysen, Natasha Gana and Lwando Magwanca

Designed By Craig Leo


AHA! A box arrives in an empty space! What could be inside? Aha! Wool! Pulling out the thread, the actors weave themselves and the children into the wondrous world of wool.

Directed by Nwabisa Plaatjies

With Beviol Swarts, Zizipho Quluba, Luthando Mvandaba and Emmanuel Ntsamba

Designed by Asiphe Lili



@16h00) The sound of sand fills the landscape, pouring and falling. 4 actors from Zimbabwe and Nigeria explore the musicality of sand in a moment of drought.

Created by the Company

Designed by Asiphe Lili

With Joy Princess Akrah, Joshua Ademola Alabi , Lloyd Nyikadzino, Chipo Precious Basapo