Wednesday 29th April 2015. The Chinese Martial Arts Centre, Obs

Ekhaya is a brand new production for under 10’s created by The Magnet Early Years Theatre Company and is an expression of the relationship of children towards home. It delves into their understanding of being ‘’at home’’, in various contexts, and explores their associated feelings using age appropriate language, song, and clear imagery. This production has toured throughout Cape Town and the Cederberg municipalities in 2015 and opened Testoni Ragazzi Festival at La Baracca in Bologna in February 2017. Now it has been selected to perform at the CRADLE OF CREATIVITY, an international Festival as part of the ASSITEJ Wolrd Congress being held in South Africa in May this year.

Director:                                   Koleka Putuma            

Assisted by:                   Jennie Reznek

Cast:                                         Nolufefe Ntshuntshe, Babalwa Makwetu, Jason Jacobs, Sivuyile        Dunjwa/Luvo Tamba

Created by:                               The Company

All music:                                  Workshopped by director & cast

Design:                                      Frankie Nassimbeni

Photography:                            Mark Wessels


For this project, Magnet Theatre is supported by the National Arts Council Flagship grant.

Lovely Interview with Ekhaya cast in Reunion!

Lovely Interview with Ekhaya cast in Reunion