Current productions

Wednesday 29th April 2015.The Chinese Martial Arts Centre, Obs


An early years production about children and home

Ekhaya is a brand new production for under 10s created by The Magnet Early Years Theatre Company and is an expression of the relationship of children towards home. It delves into their understanding of being ‘’at home’’, in various contexts, and explores their associated feelings using age appropriate language, song, and clear imagery. This production will tour […]



Uvuno: The Harvest

3 Solo Shows and an Exhibition

Magnet Theatre presents 3 brand new works and an exhibition of a professional stage design project. This program has been developed with the 4 Expanded Public Works Program interns who have been with Magnet Theatre since August 2014. They are all 2013 graduates of the Magnet Theatre Full time Training and Job Creation Program. This […]



I Turned Away And She Was Gone

Three incarnations of women: a mother, a daughter and an old crone. A haunting of past, present and future selves. Drawing loosely on the Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone, this new play explores the process of individuation, the inevitability of the journey into the shadow and into the unknown, of the bonds that connect mothers and children to each other, of loss and the dense beautiful soaring life that we are all traveling through.


Nomvula copy

NOMVULA – The Girl of the Rain

Theatre for 4-9 year olds

“NOMVULA” The Girl of the Rain, speaks to an audience of very young children, entertaining them whilst focusing on age appropriate educational themes: the relationship between humans and nature.  “NOMVULA” The Girl of the Rain is specifically aimed at 4 – 9 year old children. It tells the story of a young girl who loves […]




Theatre for 3- 7 year olds

“I have never seen the children so involved” – The Principal at Little Angels Educare “It should also be noted that the word “joy” came up a great deal in response to the performance. It seemed that the children had experienced something which was valuable and memorable, and which through the deep pleasure it provided, […]