• Yamkela Sotapu

    Yamkela Sotapu is a CPUT graduate from Gugulethu. He holds a National Diploma and Btech Degree in Public Management and a SAP ERF Certificate focusing in Finance, Logistics and Report. He served as the LifeChoice- Schools Peer Educator, He was award for serving as a Young historian, High School Guardian/Prefect. He was the HCI Foundation Peer Mentor and a Class Representative for Public Law. Yamkela is now part of Magnet Theatre`s EPWP internship programme.

  • Bulelwa Mbalo

    Bulelwa Mbalo is in 25 years old in 2024 from Nyanga East. She was a trainee at Magnet Theatre from 2020 - 2022. She is passionate about theatre plays and theatre-making. She was part of the Firstrand First Job interns at Magnet 2023 until  she was accpeted into UCT at the beginning of 2024

  • Yolanda Gaqa

    Yolanda Gaqa is 23 years old from Khayelitsha. She is an actress, theatre-maker, practitioner, who seeks to become the greatest actress ever! And change people’s lives by doing it. Her vison and mission is to change people`s thinking about the world and themselves, by portraying and writing stories that will give people awareness on how they can change their lives.

  • Lungisani Dyalvani

    Lungisani Dyalvani is a 25 year old from Khayelitsha. He is a theatre-maker, practitioner and an actor who has a huge goal of becoming the greatest actor ever lived. His purpose in life to use his acting skills to help change people`s perspective about themselves and the world, to make a world a better place to live in for the next generation to come, because he strongly believe that every individual in this world has their own unique talent to offer in the world.

  • Kuhle Myathaza

    Kuhle Myathaza is a 24 years old from Du Noon, Milnerton. She is a very ambitious founder of an Arts group named Intsika yakwaXhosa formed in 2016. She is a stage director and poet. She has been in several productions such as ‘Ndiyinkulu nje ndiyinkulu’, ‘Cengithongo’, Liphi lungelo lam’, Maqwengephila’, ‘Micheal Jackson’ and so on. Currently she is busy with another production called ‘Emerge footprint’. She has directed a few productions from her group such as ‘Ubukho bayo buincindi yekhala’, ‘Maqwengephila’ and ‘liphi ilungelo lam’.  

  • Buhle T. Stefane

    Buhle T. Stefane, age 23 years old, matriculated in 2014. He started dancing in 2008 in Arts of Modelers dance company in which on 2015, he became one of the choreographers of the company. In 2019, he became KASI RC choreographer. He graduated from Chyrisalis/ Jazzart dance and leadership program. With KASI RC, he performed at Fugard theatre on “Ezothando’, an adaption of Romeo and Juliet. He also performed at the Baxter Dance festival and Jazzart season at Artscape. He dramatized ‘Nyana womgquba’ a solo piece he performed at Artscape on KAAPSE DANSE SOLO 2019 and Diary kaMfana – a two hander show performed at Kasi RC. House of Collaboration is one of the suidoosterefees 2020r semi-finalists. He is now a Magnet trainee.

  • Bongani Dyalivana

    Bongani Dyalivana is 31years old from Khayelitsha. He made his first production debut with Theatre Arts Admin Collective with a collaboration with Young in Prison, with Ubuze Bam. The next production was Phefumla (Breath) – a collaboration with Norway and South Africa,  also directed by Thando Doni. Performed on a production called Love leave a Legacy – a Second Chance Theatre, UCT and Nicro partnership. Bongani has also involved in the following movies: The Slave of the Ship, The Forgiven (International Movie), The Slave of the Farm, Ukumnyama, Imali and Isakhumzi (Mzantsi Magic) .Ubuze Bam won an award for the Best Production  at  the Cape Town fringe, performed at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda and also at venues around Cape Town. The Slave of the Farm has won the best movie in London. Phefumla went to Norway festival and Assitej Festival.